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Psydewise – Genetic Expression



Genetic Expression

01Voices (137 BPM)
02Groove Storm (137 BPM)
03Witching Hour (138 BPM)
04Grid Licker (138 BPM)
05Some Kind Of Chemical (140 BPM)
06Dimensional Portals (148 BPM)
07Logitek (148 BPM)
08Marble Theory (150 BPM)
09Star Plant (74 BPM)

Our Minds Music is excited to present our first full-length solo album, Genetic Expression, by none other than our Garden Route psy-pirate Psydewise (Sam Wise). Expect to hear fat and rubbery bass lines, vast dynamic soundscapes, and intricate layers of offbeat percussion lines. He also blessed us with some faster twilight and forest tracks to take you deeper into the jungle. Mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, Cape Town, South Africa. Artwork by Aja Louther, Leigh Soulink and Ryan Vaughan.

Ektoplazm | Progressive, Twilight, Zenonesque | June 20, 2017 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk


Crossing Mind |LIVE|@10 Years Suntrip Records by Fractal Gate

Crossing Mind – Live at 10 Years Suntrip Records by Fractal Gate

01 – Cyclotron (Early Version)
02 – Xtatic Confusion (Live Edit)
03 – Goathmic Pulsations (Live Edit)
04 – No Hazardous Materials Signs (Early Version)
05 – Magnesia (Live Edit)
06 – Elastic Harmonies (Live Edit)
07 – Hybrophobic Visions (Live Edit)
08 – Solarnium (Live Edit)
09 – Virtual Mind Cleaner (Live Edit)
10 – Cyclone In Your Heart (2014 Remix)

Crossing Mind is a respected Goa trance producer based in the southern Alps above Nice, France. This year he will be playing at Boom Festival 2016 at the Dance Temple stage on August 14th, 15:00, between Tsuyoshi Suzuki and Filteria. To give you a taste of what this man can deliver on stage Suntrip Records released this live performance from their 10th birthday party in Antwerp, Belgium, on April 30th, 2014. It contains eight live edits of released tracks, and two early versions of tracks from his forthcoming album, Beyond Duality, to be released on Suntrip in September 2016. Crossing Mind’s live gear is unusual: he plays with a tablet plugged to an external sound card and running a bunch of audio apps. Be prepared for serious mind twisting psychedelia at Boom; click and see for yourself! All tracks written and produced by Stéphane Bèze AKA Crossing Mind. Mastering by Crossing Mind. Artwork by Fabien Mars @ Suntrip. Released in 2016 by Suntrip Records with the support of Fractal Gate.

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