VA – Acid Disco – compiled by the Square

Zion 604 records proudly presents  our 12th physical release – “Acid disco // Compiled by the square”. In this compilation, we present the finest of the Israeli trance scene of our days. All tracks shares the same concept of phat square baseline, together with some acid resonances…

The idea behind that project relies on the same sources of the British Old school Of the 90’s. Sound simple yet sophisticated, comfortable and fat synthesis in an impressive manner.

Square wave motion of the particles is a quadratic power, combined with a constant pulse. Combined pulse wave movement creates a super fat bass dimension, identified with trance music specifically and electronic music in general speaking

incarnation of the machine TB 303 on its variants, has created a very strong correlation with trance music. The unique resonances sound of the instrument was nicknamed acid, which later became an integral part of the language in the trance scene . For us, this square wave is pure acid. Disco acid.


PRANA Solar Plexus EP

A rare 1994 Prana track from DJ Tsuyoshi’s legendary London era is being revived for the first time in 22 years! First up, Funky Gong – a member of Joujouka together with Tsuyoshi – offers his digital deep and uplifting reworking of the track using some of the original sounds from 1994. Tsuyoshi then lays down a deeper foundation as he offers his own refreshed take of the original track with his ‘2016 New Kick Edit Mix’. Power up and tune in – not only old Goa Trance fans but also the new young generation will be thrilled by the revisioning of this rare old-school masterpiece!


Psydewise – Genetic Expression



Genetic Expression

01Voices (137 BPM)
02Groove Storm (137 BPM)
03Witching Hour (138 BPM)
04Grid Licker (138 BPM)
05Some Kind Of Chemical (140 BPM)
06Dimensional Portals (148 BPM)
07Logitek (148 BPM)
08Marble Theory (150 BPM)
09Star Plant (74 BPM)

Our Minds Music is excited to present our first full-length solo album, Genetic Expression, by none other than our Garden Route psy-pirate Psydewise (Sam Wise). Expect to hear fat and rubbery bass lines, vast dynamic soundscapes, and intricate layers of offbeat percussion lines. He also blessed us with some faster twilight and forest tracks to take you deeper into the jungle. Mastered by Dale Byl at db Mastering, Cape Town, South Africa. Artwork by Aja Louther, Leigh Soulink and Ryan Vaughan.

Ektoplazm | Progressive, Twilight, Zenonesque | June 20, 2017 | Released by  | Posted by Basilisk


Dimensional Gateway 4

Veil Of The Moon


Stage 1: Conjuration Through Three Astral Orbs
01 – Dragon Twins – Illa Tahin (145 BPM)
02 – Veasna – Dendrites (145 BPM)
03 – GoaD – Voids (146 BPM)
Stage 2: Into The Throat Of The Lustrous Spiral We Dive
04 – Clementz – Black Dwarfs (145 BPM)
05 – GoaD vs Proxeeus – Acid Implant (147 BPM)
06 – PharaOm – It’s Alive (144 BPM)
Stage 3: Driving The Possessed Spirit On Moon Chariots
07 – Proxeeus – Dagon (146 BPM)
08 – Negans – Silver (145 BPM)
09 – Cybernetika – Unknown Entity (153 BPM)
This new chapter in the Dimensional Gateway series, Veil Of The Moon, ritualizes the annular Solar Eclipse wth Goa trance over three different stages, making for the most fitting soundtrack to this event. Even though it has been more than four years since the last Dimensional Gateway compilation appeared (and in the meantime, the team behind Neogoa Records introduced other interesting ideas and concepts on releases such as The World Beyond, Svemirski Hod, and Celestial Transvibrations), this moment is perfect to return to our own roots and unleash fresh works by some new projects, but also welcome back a few of our contributors from the early days. Veil Of The Moon offers plenty of darker and acidic vibes, but yet it keeps the melodic aspect present in competent and solid Goa trance form. Mastering by Igor Čeranić at Deimos Soundlabs with artwork design by Richpa at Neogoa Design.